What are the Articles of Association which govern any activity on the Open Constitution network?

Read Global Statutes.

What are the Articles of Association for Natural Persons?

Read Governing Articles of Association of Natural Persons

What are the Articles of Association for Legal bodies?

Read Articles of Association of Legal Bodies which an ORG Member adopts and agrees to before activating the ORG Tenancy:

Financial Institutions: Governing Articles

Association: Governing Articles

Digital Commerce: Governing Articles

Academic Bodies: Governing Articles

Digital Services Companies and Startups: Governing Articles

What is the Open Source Policy and Intellectual Property lifecycle policy of network assets?

Open Source Policy

IP Lifecycle Policy

What is the Licensing agreement that governs the data model inherent to the beneficiary Identity on this Open Constitution Network?

Open Constitution License v1

What are the Articles and TnC Guidelines for individuals accessing the network through a Public Agency?

Governing Articles

Additional Acceptable Usage, and Prohibited Activities

In addition to the covenant and sections of the General and Acceptable Usage Policy of the Foundation, additional terms and conditions apply, to ensure compliance with policies of third-party services and any applicable financial supervision regulations on the Association activities, in relation to Social Credits Marketplace.

Please read the Additional Acceptable Usage here.