A bit about Open Constitution AI network

Open Constitution AI Network is a public association of human and electronic persons. The Association uses decentralised registries for certifying electronic ledger contracts between peer-to-peer nodal subnets. 

In simpler words, the AI network is based on an embedded knowledge base( a sort of neural map or a neural network that powers the network’s AI services.)

Open Constitution AI network hosts digital public goods and services which use the network’s intelligence. 

Know more about Self governed, Open Constitution Network AI. 

Discover how humans augment machine intelligence for a social sustainable, democratisation of intelligence.

Discover decentralised Data exchange and consensus protocols.

Learn more about self governing consensus protocols manage data residency on the network.Read AI Governance Articles of Association

Knowledge Base of Muellners Foundation

Open Constitution AI network was publicly activated in 2019, focusing on social and financial inclusion—subnetworks of the Open Constitution host services specialising in social finance data models. See the Network diagram.

The embedded knowledge base is further enhanced by voluntary contributions made by the public through a self-governance model.

The Open Constitution AI network is a global intelligence network powered by a novel data residency platform.

Open Constitution AI computing network is available through several apps, web services, and public APIs.

The Network acts as an open-source pool of intangible Intellectual Property. The authorization to the AI network is authenticated through E tenancy and E residency lease. This is a machine method to record auditable access to the intangible assets of a public association.  In simpler words, the network’s constituent legal body acts as a processor of a data registry, which records the auditable access to the network AI.

Since the Open Constitution AI network is a public Trust, the transparency of the self-governance model is laid down in its framework of authenticated authorization to the intelligence. Open Constitution AI network achieves this through beneficiary tokenisation.

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Network Status

Network Illustration


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