Universal Login for the Open Constitution network apps and services

Access any application on the Open Constitution Network using smart log-in authentication and authorisation features.

A user can access Open Constitution network AI using deployed apps, which deliver a specific public good service. Universal Login defines a login flow, which is the key feature of an Authorization Server.

Whenever a member needs to prove their identity, any application on the Open Constitution AI network redirects the member to a Universal Login. The integrated third-party partner services use industry grade, Open ID standards and API authentication kicks in.

Universal Login will do what is needed to guarantee the member’s identity in accessing the network app.

This also removes the barrier for members to access any deployed services and apps seamlessly. Members also get to onboard faster and in a more straightforward fashion than struggling with self-enrolment and passwords. Universal Login uses a member’s borderless social finance account for authentication.

Members do not need to remember their password since the Platform Update allows them to

The network has activated a highly scalable system. Universal login authentication and authorisation on the Open Constitution network infrastructure can rapidly scale to millions of users.

The authorisation technology is powered with Cloud Identity and Management solutions from Google Identity Platform, Amazon Web Services Cognito, GitHub Developer Platform, Linkedin Developer Platform, and Okta Auth0. Resources are housed in European data centres, following the network’s data residency policy.

We are also working to ensure that the network’s authorisation server is accessing through API management console for developers to also deploy the Open Bank borderless account authentication in serverless applications, deployed on the Open Constitution network.